Exchange Server Mailbox Auto Mapping Cmdlets

A new version of my Exchange module has been published on the PowerShell Gallery. This new version contains cmdlets to Get, Enable and Disable the mailbox auto mapping feature for a user on a shared mailbox.

A few words about auto mapping. When an exchange administrator grants permissions on a mailbox (doesn't matter if the mailbox is a user mailbox or a shared mailbox) to another recipient, the shared mailbox will be automatically added to the users Outlook client. This is the mailbox auto mapping feature which is also enabled by default.

When granting permission on a user you can disable the auto mapping by using the "-AutoMapping:$false" switch with the "Add-MailboxPermission" cmdlet, but what if the permission is already granted? Of course you could remove and re-add the permission with the switch I just mentioned but let's see a more elegant way of configuring it!

When a user is granted permission on another mailbox - let's call it shared mailbox, a list is populated on an Active Directory attribute of the shared mailbox called "msExchDelegateListLink" that contains the distinguished names of the users that have auto mapping enabled on this mailbox. Please note that this is not the permission right!

If we want to get the users that have auto mapping enabled for a shared mailbox, we just have to query that attribute on the shared mailbox. In order to enable or disable the auto mapping we just have to update the list with the distinguished name of the trustee.

Just to make our life easier when dealing with auto mapping, I've put together three advanced PowerShell functions:

To get the users that have auto mapping enabled for a mailbox.

To enable auto mapping for a user on a shared mailbox.

To disable auto mapping for a user on a shared mailbox.

Those functions are available on the 2.1.1 version of the CPolydorou.Exchange module. I hope you'll make good user of them!

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