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Google Earth 7.1 Group Policy Install

I was asked today to install Google Earth 7.1 on several computers. Since I had deployed the previous version using GPO I though I would give it a try. I downloaded the Google Earth custom installer (left Auto update unchecked) and started the installation. The installer extracts all files in a directory in the %temp% folder so when the extraction is complete go and copy that folder to your desktop. After that, start the administrative install with the command: msiexec -a "Google Earth.msi" When it asks you for a path, enter the network location where you want to have the installation files. Now, when you try to add a package to your group policy object it may fail with an error like the following: "Unable to extract deployment information from the package. Run validation on the package to ensure that the package is correct." In that case fire up orca from the Microsoft Windows SDK, open the msi file on the network location and remove all language codes except 1

Wan Connection Emulation

I wanted to do a POC the other day for a company for the Citrix CloudBridge appliances. I wanted to emulate the satellite connection between the data center and the ships and demonstrate the use of CloudbBridge. After googling around for a bit I stumbled upon  WANem , a linux project that emulates wan connections. I downloaded a copy and fired up a Hyper-V virtual machine using the iso file. I also made a clone of a windows 7 virtual machine that I already had and created a new virtual switch on Hyper-V. I also added two legacy network adapters on the WANem virtual machine because it did not recognize the normal ones. After all virtual machines booted up I had to configure the network settings on all of them. I decided to use the network for the data center part and for the ship part. After I configured the network on the wanem machine with the appropriate addresses I was time to configure the windows machines. I assigned the proper IPs and set the de

Brackets Installation Error

I was trying to update Brackets today on my machines. The installation of the new package run smoothly on my Windows 7 32bit computer but not so much on the Windows 8.1 x64 computer. After clicking the msi file I got the error that the installation directory (c:\program files (x86)\brackets) has to be on a local drive, which apparently is... I checked the md5 hash of the file and it was fine. After that, I fired up a powershell prompt and changed to the directory of the installation file. I invoked the file and the installation started and there was no error during the process!