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Microsoft Office SaveAsPDFandXPS Addin and transparent images

A user complained about the SaveAsPDFandXPS addin functionality today, because there was a problem with transparent images. The transparent part of the images was converted to black instead. After a google search I discovered that if one enables the option to create a PDF/A file, the above problem appears because transparent images are not supported in that format. After disabling the option for PDF/A everything worked great.

How to publish multiple WSS 3 sites using ISA 2006

Microsoft IIS allows you to publish multiple sites on the same port (usually 80) using host headers. You can have many different Windows SharePoint Apolications that listen on the same port by just changing the host header. Usually after creating a website with a host header I create a DNS alias with the host header that points to the server that hosts the site. With ISA 2006 you can publish the web application but if you try to publish it using https and the web server uses http you may run into some problems with the Alternate Access Mappings. After you create the Web Listener on the ISA server and publish the web application you have to make sure that the publishing rule forwards the original host header and listens for the specific site. You must also configure the bindings on the IIS and the AAM on the SharePoint site. Go to AAM menu and configure the public URLs for each zone of each site. Most times I set up Default and Internet. Add the correct address for each zone

Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 Send Email to external addresses

I run across the following problem today: I have a sharepoint site that is working fine and I had to add five new users that do not have an Exchange mailbox. I created the users on Active Directory, configured their email address on AD with the address they have on their organization but the users did not get the emails sent from the site. Since the users that have an exchange mailbox receive this kind of mails without any problems I decided to create five contacts, one for each new user, on the Exchange server and add their external email address as the primary SMTP and External address. After that I changed the email address on Active Directory to the email address that the exchange added according to the email address policy it has (any internal email address may be fine too). Now when Sharepoint sends a message to the user, the message is handled by Exchange and is delivered to the external address of the user.

HTML Image Trasparency

I've been developing a new drupal site recently and I came across the following problem: The font of the logo of the site is not a web font and I didn't want to change the CSS and have the users' browsers download the font, so I created an image with the font (I know this is not what I should have done because of SEO). When I uploaded the image to the site I noticed that the background color of the header (where the image is) is set to be fading... I had set the background color on the image but there was a problem because of the effect. I thought that I may solve the problem by turning the background of the image to transparent and so I did. When I uploaded the new image on the site the result was not what I was hopping for... The transparent part of the image was converted to white. After searching the web for a while I discovered that you have to save the image file as PNG or GIF in order to use the transparency of the image file. So I fired up Photoshop aga