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Syslog Message Collection for OMS from sources that do not support the agent

On the previous article of the OMS series, we've installed and configured the OMS agent on a linux machine and started collecting syslog messages and performance statistics. Today, we are going to use that machine to collect syslog messages from other machines, devices or applications that are not supported by the OMS agent. This is a two step process, first we are going to enable the remote syslog collection on the linux machine and then we are going to update the configuration of the agent to support high volume of syslog traffic. Let's dive in! The syslog server is going to be rsyslog since it came with Ubuntu server and the configuration file is stored at /etc/rsyslog.conf . To enable the remote collection, the below lines have to be uncommented in the configuration file:     module(load="imudp")     input(type="imudp" port="514") and     module(load="imtcp")     input(type="imtcp" port="514") Since w

Install and Configure the OMS Linux Agent

Welcome to another article of the Azure OMS series. This time we are going to configure the OMS workspace for syslog message and linux performance counter collection and then install the OMS agent on a linux machine. Before we start configuring the syslog machines, we have to enable syslog log collection on the OMS Workspace. Go to the "Data" blade of the "Advanced Settings" and select the "Syslog" option. There, you should enable the "Apply below configuration to my machines" option" and then add the syslog facilities to collect messages from. Since we're installing the agent on a linux machine, why not enable the collection of performance counters as well? Go to the "Linux Performance Counters" option of the "Data" blade and enable the "Apply below configuration to my machines" option. Then, add the performance counters to collect. Don't forget to click the save button to save the configura