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Active Directory Domain Join Delegation

The trigger to write this article was a troubleshooting session with a client that had built an automation process to deploy Windows Server and RedHat Enterprise Linux virtual machines on Azure. One of the steps of the provisioning process was to join the machine to the IaaS Active Directory Domain that was deployed on Azure and for this, an Active Directory account was required. Following the least previlege principle, the account used in the automation processes to join machines to the domain was a plain account that could indeed perform this operation. After some successfull joins however, the process started encountering errors when trying to join machines to the domain. As it turns out, the architects and security engineers had missed the fact that plain Active Directory accounts have the ability to only join a specific number of machines to the domain. When the automation reached that number, the process started to fail. To further troubleshoot the issue, we tried to join t

Azure Instance Metadata Service

The Azure Instance Metadata service is an Azure service that provides more information about Azure Virtual Machines that is invoked from the machine itself. This way, the administrators of the machine - that in most cases have no access to the Azure Portal - are able to get more information and troubleshoot potential issues. Let's use a linux virtual machine to get information from the metadata service! To get the data from the service, a simple HTTP call is all that is required. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, although we are using Automatic Private IP Addressing, we have to include the "Metadata" header so that the service won't mistake our call for a call that may be the result of a redirection. Second, the version of the API to use must be provided in every request. To get the allowed values, simply call the service without the "api-version" parameter and it should return a list of values: curl -H Metadata:true &q