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Windows Azure Management Certificate

You can always create a self signed certificate using makecert utility that is part of either Visual Studio Tools or Windows SDK. You may find more information on makecert here . I just started the Developer Command Prompt for VS2013, changed to my Desktop and then executed the following command: makecert -sky exchange -r -n "CN=CertificateName" -pe -a sha1 -len 2048 -ss My "CertificateName.cer"  You should replace the "CertificateName" with the name you want for your certificate. I gave it "WindowsAzureManagement". After that you'll have a certificate file on your desktop folder and a new certificate installed under the Personal folder on your User Certificate Store. When you try to add a new Azure Subscription in Visual Studio 2013, through "Manage your subscriptions", you have the new certificate available for the first step. You will also need the certifate file the above command created because you have to uploa