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MPI.NET Installation and Usage

MPI.NET  is a great MPI implementation for MPI and C#. You can find installation instructions on the mail page but to summarize the procedure all you have to do is: Install  Windows Computer Cluster Install MPI.NET runtime or SDK on all computers You can then test the MPI installation by running pingpong.exe just like it's described in the tutorial. In order to start an application on another computer you must start the smpd service by starting smpd.exe on  microsoft compute cluster bin folder with -d as argument. You also have to create rules that allow mpi traffic on your firewall for mpiexec and your application.

Microsoft Exchange 2007 Agent Logs

Unfortunately, the logging for the rejected or deleted messages in Exchange Server 2007 is a bit poor. There is a set of commands that may help examining the log: Display the log for the specific period: Get-AgentLog -StartDate “4/16/2007″ -EndDate “4/17/2007″ Get-AgentLog -StartDate “4/17/2007 8:00 AM” -EndDate “4/17/2007 2:00 PM” Filtering in order to show messages to a particular recipient : Get-AgentLog -StartDate “4/16/2007″ -EndDate “4/17/2007″ | where {$_.recipients -like “”} To search for messages from a particular sender : Get-AgentLog -StartDate “4/16/2007″ -EndDate “4/17/2007″ | where {$_.P1FromAddress -like “” -or $_.P2FromAddresses -like “ ”} There are more commands, that can help you filter the log for the agent or the host IP address and other stuff.   Many thanks to Bharat Suneja for this article.  

Autodesk TrueView 2012 Aunattended Setup

I was trying to deploy Autodesk Trueview 2012 but I could not find a MSI package in order to use it with GPO. If you download the installation file and extract it's contents you can use the following command in order to perform a silent installation: setup.exe /Q /W /I setup.ini Further setup options can be configured on setup.ini file. This command in combination with psexec tools can help you deploy the package.