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Microsoft Office 2003 Registration Info After Uninstall

Recently I had to uninstall Microsoft Office 2003 from a computer and then install Microsoft Office 2007. The were no errors on both processes but when I scanned the computer with Spiceworks, it appeared  to have Office 2003 installed as well as 2007. That is because the registration info is not removed when the product is unistalled. In order to remove that info, you have to delete the following key and it's subkeys: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Registration You should backup your registry before making any changes, or at least the keys you 're about to delete.  

Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Email Forwarding

A very common scenario is the one where you are using Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 as your communication system and you have users that want their messages to be forwarded to another address. For example, your domain is and you have a user that already has an email account at If you do not want to create a mailbox on your exchange you can simply create a mail contact and on that mail contact you have to set the address at as Reply and External and add the address that you want the contact to have on your organization.