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CPolydorou.HostsFile Module Updates

This post is to notify you of the recent changes in my HostsFile module. As part of the process of updating the Powershell modules I've published on the PSGallery repository to target a later version of .NET Framework, the CPolydorou.HostsFile module has been updated as well. The newest version of the module - that is 1.2.1 - now requires .NET 4.6.2 that comes pre-installed with Windows Server 2016. In case you are still using the module on operating systems older than that, you can always install the 1.1.1 version that is the latest that is built for .NET Framework 4.5. However, this version will not get any updates or bug fixes in the feature.  If you're installing the module on a new system and require the old version, you can install it using the below command: 1 Install-Module -Name CPolydorou.HostsFile -RequiredVersion 1.1.1

Designing Solutions for newer Azure Regions

Microsoft Azure keeps growing and new regions are being announced and released one after the other, exceeding 60 at this time! New regions usually draw customers that are geographically located near them, with decreased latency being the key factor. Apart from new customers, large organizations usually move some of their workloads to the new regions for the same reasons. When designing a solution that is going to be deployed or extended to a recently released Azure region, you should always make sure that the resources that are part of your solution are available in that particular region. To make the life of the architects easier, Microsoft has created a webpage that provides service availability information and is available  here . This page will not only show you the regions that a  service is available from, but will also allow you to add all the components of your solution and confirm it's availability as a whole. Let's take for example a solution that comprises of Azure F