CPolydorou.HostsFile Module Updates

This post is to notify you of the recent changes in my HostsFile module.

As part of the process of updating the Powershell modules I've published on the PSGallery repository to target a later version of .NET Framework, the CPolydorou.HostsFile module has been updated as well.

The newest version of the module - that is 1.2.1 - now requires .NET 4.6.2 that comes pre-installed with Windows Server 2016.

In case you are still using the module on operating systems older than that, you can always install the 1.1.1 version that is the latest that is built for .NET Framework 4.5. However, this version will not get any updates or bug fixes in the feature. 

If you're installing the module on a new system and require the old version, you can install it using the below command:

Install-Module -Name CPolydorou.HostsFile -RequiredVersion 1.1.1

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