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Accessing Azure Resources via Private Endpoints

In the era of the cloud, we are creating resources that in the majority of the cases are exposed to the public internet, lowering the security posture of the solution. Resources such as Virtual Machines, Database Servers, etc. can be easily left unprotected when the strategy and governance rules are not followed. The storage account resource, for instance, when configured with a public endpoint, is reachable from all networks, including public internet. If we try to resolve the name of one of the endpoints of the storage account - let's take file for example - we'll be directed to a public IP address: This can be considered a security risk since we are not only exposing the storage account to the entire internet but also allow data to traverse networks that we have no control over. To avoid this risk, we can configure a Private Endpoint for the storage account on the VNet that the clients are connected to. When using a Private Endpoint, an interface to the storage account will