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Active Directory Trust Relationship

I fired up a virtual machine on my lab server today to do some tests around Citrix and I got the well know message that "The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed." I got this because my server had been offline for a long time and thus hadn't connected to any domain controller. To fix this issue you can use the powershell command  Reset-ComputerMachinePassword   that is available on Windows Server 2012 R2. To my opinion this is the faster way to fix the issue comparing to leaving the domain and joining again or the method using NETDOM. So, you have to do the following: Log in to the server using a local user with administrator  privileges Start powershell with administrator privileges (Run As Administrator) Run the above command (Reset-ComputerMachinePassword) Restart the server (Restart-Computer) That's it!

NetScaler Management Login Log

I recently visited a client and started doing some health checks on the NetScaler pair they're using. Among other messages I got a message that a user was trying to log in to the appliances using SSH. The message on the Command Center did not provide any information about the source of the attemts, only the username used. Since these attempts were about fine a day and at certain times of the day, I realized that it should be some kind of monitoring tool. But I had to get the IP of the source in order to investigate further... The first few searches did not yell any results since they were all related to the AAA servers that could be set up on the NetScaler. I then decided to search within the BSD system logs and put the NetScaler logs aside. You can find the login attempts, for the NetScaler system, by reviewing the log file located at /var/log/auth.log I found the IP of the source there and it was a monitoring tool!

Adobe Reader Disable Tools and Fill & Sign Menus

Being an engineer taking part in a VDI project, I was asked today if the menus "Tools" and "Fill & Sign" could be disabled from the master image's adobe reader. After a few searches I found out that the quickest way to do this is to rename two files in the "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\Services" folder, "DEXEchoSign.spi" and "DEXShare.spi". After renaming the files, open Adobe Reader, close it and open it again. The menus should have disappeared just like in the following picture.