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Upload your own image on Docker Hub

One of the very first steps in the containerization process of a service or application is constructing the image that is going to be used for every component. A component may require a plain image that is just an Apache server, but in the majority of the cases, you'll have to add packages or apply configurations to the images already provided in Docker Hub. This will result in creating your own images that you may eventually share on Docker Hub.     In this post, we're going to follow the process of creating our own image and then publishing it. First, we need to decide the image on top of which we're going to build our own. To make this call, you need to know what services and applications are going to be running on your container. Take WordPress for example. You can start with the official image, one of the very popular Bitnami images, or with just a PHP-FPM image. In this example, we're going to build on top of the PHP Apache image and save all of our files in a dir

Using Loops in Bicep

I've been using Azure to test virtual machines and applications for quite a few years now and I've realized that although I mostly use two or three solution templates - like an Active Directory environment for example - in the majority of the cases I need more server or client machines. This is the main reason I decided to adjust my deployments and include loops so that I can control the number of machines using parameters and variables. In this post, I'll describe how I've used loops and hopefully how you can benefit from them. I'm a big fan of organizing resources in modules, so all of the examples will be based on a deployment of virtual networks and virtual machines from a main bicep file using the respective modules, one for each resource type. Multiple Resources/Modules Since we're talking about modules, what could be better than having the ability to deploy the same module multiple times! The first thing we need is a variable that will hold the custom fie