Microsoft Exchange 2007 Agent Logs

Unfortunately, the logging for the rejected or deleted messages in Exchange Server 2007 is a bit poor.

There is a set of commands that may help examining the log:
  • Display the log for the specific period:
    Get-AgentLog -StartDate “4/16/2007″ -EndDate “4/17/2007″
    Get-AgentLog -StartDate “4/17/2007 8:00 AM” -EndDate “4/17/2007 2:00 PM”
  • Filtering in order to show messages to a particular recipient:
    Get-AgentLog -StartDate “4/16/2007″ -EndDate “4/17/2007″ | where {$_.recipients -like “”}
  • To search for messages from a particular sender:
    Get-AgentLog -StartDate “4/16/2007″ -EndDate “4/17/2007″ | where {$_.P1FromAddress -like “” -or $_.P2FromAddresses -like “”}
There are more commands, that can help you filter the log for the agent or the host IP address and other stuff.
Many thanks to Bharat Suneja for this article.


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