Windows Sharepoint Services 3.0 Send Email to external addresses

I run across the following problem today:

I have a sharepoint site that is working fine and I had to add five new users that do not have an Exchange mailbox. I created the users on Active Directory, configured their email address on AD with the address they have on their organization but the users did not get the emails sent from the site.

Since the users that have an exchange mailbox receive this kind of mails without any problems I decided to create five contacts, one for each new user, on the Exchange server and add their external email address as the primary SMTP and External address.

After that I changed the email address on Active Directory to the email address that the exchange added according to the email address policy it has (any internal email address may be fine too).

Now when Sharepoint sends a message to the user, the message is handled by Exchange and is delivered to the external address of the user.

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