NetScaler StoreFront Request Error

We started a Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 installation today and I was the person responsible for the Citrix NetScaler appliances.

In that case I had to setup two NetScaler VPX 10 appliances as a High Availability pair, load balance Storefront servers and DDCs and publish the applications and desktops using NetScaler Gateway.

I started by downloading the appropriate VM for Hyper-V, created a VM using the vhd (I could not import the VM in Hyper-V 2012 R2 because it was exported from older version of Hyper-V) and then created a clone for the second node.

I assigned IP addresses, uploaded license files and created an initial checkpoint of the VMs. I didn't update the firmware cause it was already at the latest version.

After that I created the servers for the StoreFront and DDCs and then the Service Groups and the Services on each group. I also load balanced the company's Active Directory servers for the authentication.

Then I created the virtual servers, the monitors and the LDAP authentication policy. The persons responsible for the StoreFront were able to configure their settings.

I was now ready to setup NetScaler Gateway with the above resources.

When I was done with the gateway I logged in and I got the message that my request could not be completed.

After installing brand new certificate and CA certificates on the NetScaler and StoreFront servers the error did not want to go away.

After taking a look at the StoreFront servers' log I found three errors with ids 10,8 and 3 stating that the server could not communicate with the authentication service on the NetScaler Gateway.

I then reviewed the NetScaler Gateway setup on StoreFront where I found out that the server could not resolve the NetScaler Gateway and Callback urls of the NG. I added an entry at the server's hosts file for the SNIP of the NetScaler and it worked!

After searching the web in order to verify my findings, I found this article that also has some pictures of the logs and the NetScaler Gateway setup wizard.

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