Citrix Access Gateway 4.5 Certificate Renew

I had a request recently to update the certificates on two Citrix Access Gateways v4.5.

I had the certificates for the URLs in .pfx format and the Root CA certificates also cause these had also expired.

The Citrix Access Gateway Administration Tool was installed at one of the Web Interface servers so the only thing I had to do was to convert the certificates and install them.

I installed the OpenSSL libraries to a Windows 7 vm, copied the certificates over and converted them with the command: openssl pkcs12 -in c:\certs\yourcert.pfx -out c:\certs\cag.pem –nodes

I also converted the Root CA certificates to Base64 format.

I logged into the devices using the Administration tool, switched to the "Administration" tab and updated the Root CA certificate and then the certificate for the URL.

These certificates had a different private key from the previous ones so I selected the option to upload the private key too.

After that, I restarted the devices  and everything went fine.

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