NetScaler IP Address Conflict

I opened up my Citrix Command Center today and I had hundreds of messages regarding IP conflict -on a NetScaler.

In order to resolve this I had to get the MAC address of the machine that creates the conflict, and what better way from the command line.

I fired up Putty and connected to the NetScaler instance facing the conflict. I switched to the linux shell using the shell command and then I run nsconmsg -K /var/nslog/newnslog -d consmsg to get the relevant messages. Be vary careful with the above command and always use capital K.

An other way to get this kind of messages it using the Diagnostics page within the GUI.

Another thing to note is that you should check the HA status if you have two instances and you get the conflict about a VIP. If the IP with the conflict is the NSIP then you should check the network cables or the virtual adapters and the networks you have the connected to.

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