Delegating Administration of NetScaler InSight Center to Active Directory group

On my previous article on Delegating NetScaler Administration to Active Directory Group, I described how you could allow members of Active Directory groups to login on NetScalers with their AD credentials.

Now we are going to do the same thing with NetScaler InSight Center.

First of all, we have to setup the external authentication. Login on the InSight Center and navigate to System - Authentication - LDAP and click "Add". Fill in the details of the server like the IP and port and the detailes of the domain.

Now that we have configured the authentication, we have to create the groups on the InSight Center. Go to System - User Administration - Groups and add a group with the same name as the group configured on Active Directory. Assign the permissions you want and hit "Create".

The only thing left is to enable the authentication. Navigate to System - Authentication and click on "Authentication Configuration". Select "LDAP" as the type and then the server. I would like to note here that I always enable the option to fallback to local authentication in order to be able to login on the appliance when LDAP may not be available for example.

In case you want to troubleshoot the authentication process, you can follow the same procedure with the NetScaler and use the "cat /tmp/aaad.debug" command while in shell mode.

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