Citrix Access Gateway Certificate Format

I got a call a few days ago to renew the certificate on a Citrix Access Gateway appliance.

The appliance was very - and I mean very - old so I had my hands full...

After I found out that the proper software for management was installed on the Web Interface servers, I requested the certificate in PFX format in order to get the private key too and scheduled the change for after hours since it requires a restart of the devices.

When I tried to install the certificate, the appliances refused to accept it. Then I recalled an article I've read a long time ago, where the author mentioned that the certificate has to be in PEM format and not PFX.

After a google search, I found this article on the Citrix Knowledge Center that describes the process of converting a PFX file to PEM for that purpose.

All you have to do is to download the openssl binaries and execute the following command in order to convert the file:
openssl pkcs12 -in c:\certs\yourcert.pfx -out c:\certs\cag.pem –nodes

You should change to the directory where openssl.exe is located for the above command to work, or just provide the full path to openssl.exe.

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