Exchange Shell Colors

You may have noticed that the output of the Write-Verbose - and possibly the color of other "Write-" commands - may change when using standard powershell, exchange shell or other flavors of powershell compared to the Powershell ISE.

I'm a very big fan of ISE so I wanted to change the colors in order to match the ones in ISE.

You can see the colors that are configured on your powershell window using the command


You'll get something like this

Now that we have a way to see the colors that are configured, what about a way to change them?

First, we'll save the output of the above command to a variable:

$colors = (Get-Host).PrivateData

We are now able to update the color we want by just setting the proper property of the variable:

$colors.VerboseForegroundColor = "Cyan"

Put that in your $profile file and you won't have to worry about colors again!

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