Updates on the CPolydorou.PSISE PowerShell Module

A new function has been added to the CPolydorou.PSISE Powershell module named "Remove-PSISETab.

This function allows us to remove a Powershell ISE powershell tab using it's name or number, or just the current tab.

    Remove a powershell tab.
    Remove-PSISETab [-Name] <String> [-Force] [<CommonParameters>]
    Remove-PSISETab [-Number] <Int32> [-Force] [<CommonParameters>]
    Remove-PSISETab [-Current] [-Force] [<CommonParameters>]
    Remove a new powershell tab awithin ISE.
    -Name <String>
        The name of the tab.
    -Number <Int32>
    -Current [<SwitchParameter>]
    -Force [<SwitchParameter>]
    -------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------
    PS C:\>Remove-PSISETab -Name MyTab
    This command will remove the MyTab tab.
    -------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------
    PS C:\>Remove-PSISETab -Current
    This command will remove the current tab.       

You can install the newest version of the module using:

Install-Module -Name CPolydorou.PSISE 

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