Updates on the CPolydorou.PSISE PowerShell module

The 1.2.1 version of the CPolydorou.PSISE module has just been published and contains updates on two of it's functions.

The first function that has been updated is "New-PSISETab". I've added a new parameter called "NoSwitch" that when selected will set the active tab to the tab that the command was executed. This will allow you to keep working on the old tab after creating the new one.

The other updated function is "Open-PSISEFile". I have a lot of script files that I'm using as templates that get saved every time I change something and run the script. To avoid changing the files, I've added a parameter called "AsCopy".

If this switch is used, a new blank file is added to the PowerShell tab and the content is copied from the file specified in the "Path" parameter. This way, the script can be executed but the file is not updated. You can also open the file on another PowerShell tab by using it's name or it's number.

I hope you'll find the updates useful!

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