Live Mesh functionality with Skydrive

I myself am one of the people who used Live Mesh in order to sync my documents with skydrive.

But with Mesh deprecated I can no longer select a folder an have it sync with skydrive, I have to move my files in the Skydrive folder.

One solution to the problem is to create junctions using junction.

Lets say you have a directory called "testdir" on your desktop folder. You can use junction to make a junction point inside your skydrive folder that points to the folder "testdir". In order to do that you can use: junction Skydrive\dir desktop\testdir.

If you want to delete the junction point just enter: junction -d skydrive\dir

The only problem is that the directory cannot be on the network...

Be very careful with junction point because the changes in the junction point affect the original folder too.

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