Microsoft Exchange Distribution Group Permission Error

So, you're an Exchange administrator and you have been assigned the task to add multiple recipients to distribution lists. You fire up Powershell, load the Exchange snap-ins and after you have your recipients ready you start adding them to the groups.

If a group has managers configured and you're not a manager of the group, the Add-DistributionGroupMember or Remove-DistributionGroupMember cmdlets will fail with an OperationRequiresGroupManager exception just like this one:

The solution to this is very simple, you have to add the -BypassSecurityGroupManagerCheck switch to your command.

When adding or removing many members I always use this switch cause I do not want to get an error and end up with users being added to some groups just for this reason.

Never the less, you can always use Try-Catch to handle the exception or check if the group has managers if you do not want to bypass this check for all groups.

You may find more information regarding this exception on the relevant Microsoft article:

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