LogArchiving script: Updates on version 1.0.6

Hello fellow administrators,

The latest version of my LogArchiving script (1.0.6) that has just been published contains a new feature where the result of the each task can be embedded in the subject of the email report. This is very helpful in case you have lots of servers and you need to check the result with a quick look or a rule on the messages.

A new property named "EmailSubjectResult" has been added to each task in the configuration file. This can be either "append", "prepend" or empty.

Using "append" will add the result of the task to the end of subject, "prepend" will add the result to the begginng of the subject whilst leaving this field empty will not alter the subject of the message at all.

Please note that if you decide to update your scripts to this version, you need to update the configuration files as well!!!

Also, do not solely rely on the messages for monitoring your tasks. The script also writes to the application log which you can monitor using monitoring tools such as Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.

Have fun!

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