The CPolydorou.IIS PowerShell module!

Recently I've published another of my PowerShell modules, this time it's CPolydorou.IIS.

This module contains function that have been proven very helpful when I was dealing with IIS web servers and websites.

Let's take a quick look on the functions in this module!

The first three functions are related to application pools and more particularly getting the application pools, restarting them and getting their worker processes:

  • Get-IISApplicationPool
    Get the application pools on the local or remote servers.
  • Restart-IISApplicationPool
    Restart one or more application pools on the local or remote server
  • Get-IISApplicationPoolWorkerProcesses
    Get the worker process of an application pool
The other two functions are:
  • Get-WebConnections
    Get the connections to a web site
  • Search-IISSiteLog
    Search the IIS logs (or any other log file in text format) for one or multiple servers in parallel
Although there are examples provided in the module help, I will provide more details on the above functions and their usage in upcoming articles.

As always, the module is available on the PowerShell Gallery!

Have fun!

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