Querying OMS for Events

On the previous article of the series, we queried the OMS workspace for performance statistics and created graphs to present the data. On this article we are going to query for events on the windows logs.

The below query will return all the servers that were shut down unexpectedly during the last day:

The "project" function allows us to pick the columns on the result.

Role fail over in failover clusters is another thing I usually monitor:

Since the events are written in the Microsoft-Windows-FailoverClustering/Operational log, we need to add it to the windows event logs that OMS is collecting first.

You can also monitor trends in application events:

As show in the above chart, there number of error events in the application log of one of my Exchange servers increased significantly a few days ago.

Data can also be rendered in multiple dimensions. The below graph shows the number of the Error, Warning, Information and Success events for the last day, per server.

On the next article of the series, we are going to set up alerts based on events and performance metrics.

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