Monitoring Active Directory Health using OMS

Following the last OMS article about the update management solution, I would like to show you two more, this time about Active Directory.

The Active Directory Health Check solution provides information on many aspects of your Active Directory environment such as Security, Compliance, Business Continuity and Performance.

Each group performs a number of checks against the logs, to find possible issues.

Good news, apart from the backup issue, my AD is looking great!!!

The second solution I'm using for Active Directory is AD Replication Status. It examines the domain controller logs and provides useful insights on the health of the replication of your Active Directory environment.

I've left the DC4 domain controller on my lab disconnected from the network on purpose in order to create replication issues. Replication between DC3 and DC4 is broken, since the servers hadn't communicated for a while.

Those two solutions can save you from a lot of trouble when it comes to monitoring and preventing issues with AD, so I definitely recommend them. After all, Identity is key for all organizations!

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